about us

Everything started...

... with a 3-year-old who desperately wanted to “horse ride”.
With 8 my “big wish” came thru – and started even “bigger dreams”.

As a Teenage-girl my parents supported me to became an apprentice at the world-famous stud “Om el Arab” – another wish-come-thru and my personal start into the horse breeding community …
… and with the Arab mare “Csinos” my biggest dream ever – an OWN horse – became real. First it was friendship – but as time went by I started with her as my first brood mare.

Than – in year 2002 – hard choices had to be made:
After several damaged discs I urgently needed to stop with horse back riding, or ?!?
The search for a solution was an intensive, time costing one in the gaited horses scene … and ended finally with “MFT” – MY answer J

Right away – in 2003 – the first one of this new breed arrived from the united states … and the latest addition with my Curly MFT - Stud is my personal “cherry-on-the-cake”.

Out of this „makeshift” my new, thru love started with which I am able to stay with my passion and „dream on“.

How we treat our horses:

Our horses live as the herd animals they are – open barn / paddock during winter – during summer on the alpine grassland and “time-sharing” with cattles.
Thanks to this very natural treatment our horses have great skeletal muscles and even our foals get strong and healthy overall physics and are sure footed as “mountain goats”.

During summer the rich and herbal alpine grassland is the main foot source – in winter we feed best bio hey. Off course - if individually needed - we add professional horse nutrition from “Marstall”.

We prefer the natural hoof care with professional supervision - and the vet visits in regular terms.

That we live up to the “natural horsemanship” is natural for us – and therefore without saying.

Courses + Exams:

  • Geländereiter DWA // Outdoor - Riding
  • Basispass Pferdekunde FN // Basic Knowledge of Horses
  • Deutscher Reiterpass mit Springen FN // Riding Certificate incl. Jumping
  • Wanderreiter 1 FN // Trails: Riding + Organisation
  • Sachkundenachweis Pferdehaltung
  • Natural Horseman Ship P.Parelli
  • MFTHBA Judge
  • FN Breeding Judge


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