Breeding Program

Our „special-offer“ Breeding Program

Breed the Curly Horse of your dreams YOURSELF….

How does this work? In one sentence:

YOU can choose the mare you want to get the mother of your “DreamCurly” and she will be breed to our stud, *ZGC Durango, and the foal… is YOURS !

We do offer personally selected mares to you for lease. You choose one, sign the leasing-contract, pay the one-time-rent for the mare and the breeding fee for the stallion service. The mare will stay at her owner´s (an experienced breeder) place to reduce the health risks and to be best cared for. You are immediately informed when the foal is on the ground and you are always invited to visit your foal at any time. There will be no extra-costs anymore until weaning.

After weaning, the foal could be taken or can stay, if you made an additional agreement.

Please ask for more details.

We offer a great variety of mares to you! All these mares were personally seen and choosen by us.

There are tall and small ones, gaited ones (Missouri Fox Trotting Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses and Islandic & Islandic-Mix), and non-gaited ones (German Riding Pony).

I would love to introduce the mares you are interested to you! Just ask me J

More information and pictures of the mares you can find here
- click name for more information -

Missouri Foxtrotter

Spotted Saddle Horse

Deutsches Reitpony


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