Curly Foxtrotter Germany

Informationen about CURLY Foxtrotter

Curly Fox Trotting Horse / Curly Foxtrotter
The only difference between a Missouri Fox Trotting Horse and a Curly M. Fox Trotting Horse ( Curly MFT) should be the hypoallergenic coat/fur.
So their conformation/exterior and interior also should be the same.

You can identify a Curly Fox Trotting Horse by it´s curls at it´s ears, fetlocks and curly mane and curly EYELASHES !
They show these signs all over the year, while their coat can change from curly in winter to some kind of wavy or straight in summer !

Most have traditionally been sorrel , sorrel roan and sorrel sabino in color. In recent years, though, breeders have managed to expand the color palate of the Curly Fox Trotters to bay, palomino, black and white tobiano, bay and white tobiano, cremello, blue roan and now buckskin!

The prefered gaits for a Curly MFT are Walk, Flat Foot Walk, Fox Trot and Canter as the Missouri Fox Trotting Horses do.
But it should be mentioned that many Curly MFT´s show a very smooth running walk too, which is no fault.