Breeding Informations

*ZGC Durango YOUR chance to breed

Official (FN) approved Curly Fox Trotting stud with breeding rights of the following breeding associations:

  • MFTHBA (Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breeding Ass.)
  • ICHO (International Curly Horse Org.)
  • SSHBA (Spotted Saddle Horse Bredding Ass.)

With a Curly Fox Trotting Horse the benefits of a Curly Horse (being hypoallergenic to most people) and of a Missouri Fox Trotting Horse (the additional and smooth gaits like Fox Trot and Flat Foot Walk) are united in just ONE horse !

*ZGC Durango carries on the extremely rare curly bloodline of his sire *Vegas and as he has no “Walker´s Prince T” nor “Walker´s Prince T no.II” in his Pedigree, our Durango can be bred to ALL curly and straight MFT mares without any risk of inbreeding !!

His pedigree traces back to impressive names such as Rex's Golden Touch, Walker's Merry Lad, Mr.President, Danney Joe W. and Zane Grey.

*ZGC Durango has the dominant curly gene, so he is able to pass on wonderful curls to his offsprings.

In March 2011 Durango did his stallion inspectation at the Bavarian Ass. for Special Horse Breeds here in Munich and he also got the RESERVE WINNER of the whole Show !
German papers for his offsprings are just available for mares of the following breeds:
Curly Horses, Missouri Fox Trotting Horses, Deutsche Reitpony, Arabian Horses, Morgan Horses, Quarter Horses, Paint Horses and some more.

All his offsprings can get registration papers of the ICHO and the SSHBA !

  • Dominant curly gene
  • DNA – typed
  • EVA negative
  • LWO – free tested
  • Homozygous for Black (tested: EE aa To/to)

That means, Durango is homozygous for black, with non agouti and heterozygous for “spotted”.

Because of his height of 15.0 hh/152 cm, he is also available to breed curly ponies !
These Curly Ponies would have a really great future at the therapeutic riding and are more than rare at this point!

Start into the future NOW with *ZGC Durango for your mares!

Breeding conditions:

  • Current Swab sample
  • No horseshoes
  • Insurance

The boarding of the mare can be chosen; box or paddock. Depending on the weather, pasture is available too.
Boarding per day: € 15,-

2012 Breeding fees of *ZGC Durango :

Curly Horses and M. Fox Trotter 950,- Euro

Please feel free to contact us about breeding to other mares