ZGC Durango

Curly Fox Trotter

Durango is our future. He is a natural Curly Foxtrotter, a pure-breed Missouri Fox Trotting Horse with curls just like a Curly Horse.
“Curly Horses” have a curly coat that makes them hypo-allergenic, opening a whole new world to those allergic to horses and that allows to life with them for horse - allergic people!

Besides all this, Durango is so special because he is the ONLY ONE out of this breed coloured in black & white in Europe so far !
And he carries a extremely rare curly bloodline as he has no “Walker´s Prince T” nor “Walker´s Prince T no.II” in his pedigree.
Our Durango can be bred to ALL curly and straight MFT mares without any risk of inbreeding !!

Durango is registered at:
MFTHBA for Fox Trotter
ICHO for Curly Horses
SSHBA for Spotted Saddle Horses

Since march 2011 he is an official approved breeding stud for Curly and Missouri Fox Trotting horses.
Some other breeds are possible too - please feel free to contact us about this!

Start YOUR Curly – Breeding with *ZGC Durango now or take this unique chance to start your own Curly – Pony – Breeding!

His first offsprings were amazing ! Check them out here
And here you find his pedigree and papers:
Gold Papers
Curly Horse Papiere
Spotted Sadle Horse Papers

Pictures of Durango