Rainwood Ranch


We proudly present our small individual and private breed of the
Missouri Fox Trotting Horses

and the very special – and RARE –
Curly Fox Trotting Horses.

The American horse breed Missouri Fox Trotting Horses is well known for it’s special and smooth gaits. This breed is famous from classic western movies and still “on duty” with the US - Rangers in most National Parks.

The speciality of Curly Horses is their unique fur:
This special coat is hypo-allergenic to most people. Now anyone - including people who have been forced to avoid horses due to allergies - can start living the dream of horse ownership!

The Curly Fox Trotting Horse unites the benefits of a Curly Horse and a Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.

We are looking forward to your mail or personal call to learn more about these unique horses – or even better – VISIT US

Susanne Heid